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Domain Name Registrations (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Other - Domain Names

  • 12/09/2015 09:36 - 22/02/2016 02:19
  • Last Updated 13/09/2015 07:44

Following a Notification of Suspension issued to our Domain Name Registrar Partner, Freenom (OpenTLD), we are currently unable to register new domain names or initiate inbound transfers of registered names until further notice.
The notification issued to Freenom can be found at: 

And further information surrounding this issue can be found at: and‐0002

At MediaBlaze Hosts we take care in the provisioning of our services and shall be looking to partner with a new provider for the registration and transfers of domain names shortly.

We understand that this will cause significant inconvenience to our customers and would like to reassure all of you that we are investigating this issue in order to provide you with the wide and constantly improving range of services you're used to.

Please note that this does not affect any existing customers of domain names purchased before 12/09/15 and your domains and hosting will continue to function without interruption.

If you have any further questions please email: or or call us on: 0333 335 0166 

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.

The MediaBlaze Hosts Team.


Customer Services Contact (Resolved) Medium

Affecting Other - Telephony - Contact Centre

  • 07/08/2015 08:00 - 01/09/2015 15:49
  • Last Updated 05/08/2015 13:50

We would like to inform our customers that we will be performing routine  maintenance to our telephony systems from 8pm to 12pm this Friday 7th August 2015.
The majority of customers and our contact number will remain largely unaffected apart from a brief window of no more than 5 minutes during which calls to some numbers may not be answered.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.

The MediaBlaze Hosts Team.

If you have any questions please email: or rasie a support request ticket.

Migration (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Server - US - Houston

  • 15/04/2015 17:15 - 16/04/2015 00:00
  • Last Updated 15/04/2015 17:22


Some customers may have been experiencing issues with their sites and services whilst we migrated data across to our new home at

I am pleased to announce that all migration has been complateted and all customer sites and services are back online.

If however you do experience any further problems please call our Customer Services Teanm on: 0333 335 0166

Thank you to all our loyal custoemrs for your time and paitence.

The MediaBlaze Hosts Team

Migration (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Server - US - Houston

  • 04/04/2015 08:28 - 05/08/2015 13:50
  • Last Updated 04/04/2015 08:30

Further to our previous migration status, we will be performing further update sto our server estate and migrating the remainder of data across.
This may affect some customers, please bear with us while this is carried out.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time.

If you require further assistance please email us at: or call us on: 0333 335 0166

Many Thanks.
The MediaBlaze Hosts Team

Credit/Debit Card Payments (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Other - Payments Gateway

  • 18/02/2015 15:25
  • Last Updated 26/02/2015 06:54

We have been notified of an issue regarding payments made via Credit or Debit Card (provided by Stripe)
These transactions are not being ade or cleared on customer accounts.

We are currently looking into this and investigating further.

We are advising ALL customers to make payments via our other methods available or in by using PayPal for Credit or Debit Card transactions.

Please accept our apologies during this time
We endeavour to rectify this issue ASAP

An update will be provided at: 22:00 GMT
For further information please email:

Migration (Resolved) High

Affecting Server - US - Houston

  • 14/02/2015 22:00 - 05/08/2015 13:51
  • Last Updated 14/02/2015 04:03

We will be performing a mass migration of all data currently held on servers across our estate.

This will take place on: Saturday 14th February 2015 at: 22:00 and is estimated to end on: Sunday 15th February 2015 at: 03:00

All data accessable via will be moved across to
This will increase security and access to multiple services, unifying our structure and providing a better customer experience.

This work is expected to take 5 hours but may potentially run on until midday sunday.

Please ensure you check our Facebook/Twitter and email updates for further informsation.

For technical support please call: 08432894780 (UK Only)
We will extend our opening times during the duration of this migration, although our agents may not have full access to all systems so please do bare with us.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and apologise for any inconvienience caused.

For further information please email:

The MediaBlaze Hosts Team

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